Watch Your (Body) Language

Real Estate

Watch Your (Body) Language


Body language speaks volumes – yours as well as your prospect/client’s.

Negative:  Limited or no eye contact.

 Brow tension 

Crossed arms 

Whole body positioned away from the person you’re speaking with

 Tight jawline l Hunched shoulders

 Rigid body posture l Tapping fingers.




Body position upright, facing the other person, leaning slightly forward means “I’m listening.” Smiling eyes mean “I’m comfortable with you.”  Eye contact means “I’m interested. I like you.”  Relaxed jaw and brow means “I’m calm and at ease.”  Pleasant voice tone means “I’m relaxed.”  Fingers interlocked behind head, elbows out means “I’m open to ideas.”  Mirroring behavior means “I want to be friendly.” l Sitting still means “I’m more interested in what you are saying than anything else.”

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